Videos 2023

Where do you flee when temptations come? Who understands and delivers us from temptation?
Look at What Christ Endured for Us as He Defeated Satan

The church today would reject Jesus. Since he has been rejected, we can expect no less. Sermon from Luke 4:14-30.
What message do people need to hear? But God…. through Jesus is the only One who has the authority to set people free from sin, satan, and death.

“First Things First” – In these few verses we see the main mission of Christ. He came to minister in spiritual and physical ways according to the will of the Father. Pleasing God was always His priority.
“Jesus’ Healing Touch” – Expository preaching on Luke 5:12-16 as we go through the book of Luke. We learn the meaning of and ramifications of Jesus’ healing touch then and now.
“A [Minor] Ministry Milestone” – This passage in Luke 517-26, introduces four beginnings or milestones in Jesus’ ministry. They are about others’ scrutiny of Him, His claims, rejection of those claims by others, and His validation of His claims.
Levi’s “Damascus Road” Luke 5:27-32 – Learn how the call of Levi was an act of grace on Jesus’ part and a great blessing to Levi, how it opened doors to others, and how it enriched the entire church.
“Our Bridegroom, on New Covenant Married Life” – Jesus is the bridegroom of his heavenly people. How we are blessed by this and what place does fasting have in a believer’s life?
Sermons for Sufferers (1): Here Comes Trouble! This is the first in a series – “Everyone suffers in a fallen world, and Christians have a special calling to suffer well. They also have special resources in Christ to do so, so this series of “Sermons for Sufferers” will set forth some of the cautions, comforts, counsel, and encouragement that God gives His suffering people in His Word.” – Pastor Skip Dusenbury
Sermons for Sufferers (2) Peace! Be Still! – The disciples were not exempt from sudden, violent storms although they were completely in the center of God’s will. How does this apply to us today? Text from Mark 4:35-41
Sermons for Sufferers (3) “Yet!…” – An exposition of Psalm 66:8-12. The word “yet” is a small word but contrasts some very big things in this psalm.

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